A Spiritual Awakening to the ‘Higher-Self’ !
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Relaxing Music by Mike Rowland

Track 1: A talk on the seven levels of meditation.

Within the consciousness is a power centre of harmony, love and wisdom. It is the ‘Temple’ of the ‘Higher Self’. This unique and deeply empowering meditation takes you onto a Pathway of Light and an inner journey to the Sanctuary of the Soul, the Cathedral of the Spirit. On a hill in the distance a white domed temple is brightly silhouetted against a clear blue sky. Shining like a beautiful crystal it releases colour and light as the sun’s rays reflect its radiance. Seven white marble steps lead up to the entrance to this temple. On each step up to the great arched doorway you will be letting go of something you need to release. As you rest and absorb strength from the light you prepare to take the first step. On the seventh step you feel totally free and now ask permission of your ‘ Higher Self ‘ to enter the temple. Your Higher Guide, your Wise One, greets you inside where you are led to an inner sanctuary of love and light. Here you can seek and receive inner guidance as you kneel alongside your Teacher ready to receive a blessing and listen to that great ‘Voice of the Silence’ which speaks with wisdom and truth.

Track 2: The Inner Sanctuary.

This is a deeply spiritual experience as you connect with your very essence. You will feel replenished, re-energised on every level as you blend and harmonize with the light of your being. You will centre yourself within a protective cocoon of joy and upliftment resting and responding to the stillness and peace of the body consciousness. You will feel more alive, more expectant, as you move through all the colour rays of the Aura as you cleanse and purify the whole of your totality.
Crossing a bridge of light you walk into a garden of paradise filled with love, grace and beauty everywhere. A circular pathway winds its way through this garden; you cross over a crystal stream. This garden is so revealing. You reach a white temple within which is a white and gold circular room. A great blue and gold book of healing rests on a tall white pedestal and with a quill pen you enter your own name into this book. You explore the heart of the temple in the knowledge that deep within its heart lies the Sanctuary of the Soul within the Cathedral of the Spirit.