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Review by Pamela A. Lyons of MEDITATION – A CHANNEL FOR HEALING by Audrey Murr Copland with music by Eddie Adamberry

This unique audio meditation, created and spoken by Audrey Murr Copland, is a must for anyone wishing to have the whole subject of meditation de-mystified, and the art of how we can open ourselves as a channel for healing, explained. Although an ancient healing art practised worldwide by millions of people in different forms for thousands of years, meditation is still considered by many as an area of speculation, secrecy – an unknown science. 'Meditation – a channel for healing' offers a simple and seductively soothing explanation of and exploration into the art of meditation, which may be described as a pathway into 'Soul' consciousness or, an expanded state of higher awareness. Meditation is, as Audrey explains, a way to empower oneself with Universal Energy.

Accepted as one of the UK’s most respected teachers of healing and meditation, with a wealth of over twenty year’s experience in the Healing Arts to draw upon, Audrey lovingly and joyously shares her knowledge with her listeners. In her talk ‘The Seven Levels of Healing’ Audrey offers a cornucopia of practical and insightful information both for the student and the teacher who wish to understand more fully the steps needed to become an effective channel for healing themselves and others.

MEDITATION – A CHANNEL FOR HEALING has evolved from Audrey’s original cassette of the same title but offers a new, inspirational and powerful led meditation, ‘Channelling the Light’ – for cleansing and purifying the chakra system and for expanding the aura. Audrey explains the role of ‘the breath’, of physical relaxation, visualisation, grounding and protection – all vital components in the art of meditation.

Audrey says: ‘Inner healing is multi-dimensional and can only occur through deep relaxation and an alteration of consciousness – hence the creation of these healijng journeys. Meditation is like phoning home, keeping you connected with everything that touches who, what and why you are!”

Travelling internationally Audrey has taught spiritual development to thousands of people in many countries. She is a natural Sensitive and a born master Teacher whose audio meditations offer deep insights and a depth of understanding. They also have the ability to bring balance, harmony and healing to the listener. ‘Meditation-a channel for healing’ is a treasure chest of Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth both for the teacher, healer and for anyone wishing to be healed.


Created by one of UK’s most respected Teachers of Healing & Meditation, these audio meditations soothe, release, balance and heal.
Sarida Brown, Editor of CADUCEUS Magazine.

‘Audrey’s meditations are deeply insightful and self-healing journeys to the very essence of your being. She unlocks a doorway to the Soul! They bring to you a fresh perspective on life and loving!’
Lynn Dunne, M.A., RGN., RCNT., Hon Lecturer: Medical Ethics & Law. Independent NHS Management Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher.

‘These meditations create a powerful healing environment.’
Jane Waters, Director of the Alternative Centre.

‘As a Psychotherapist, I commend these beautifully spoken and uplifting meditations.’
Sheila Ward, QPM., M.Sc., President, Foundation of Emotional Therapy.

‘I could not have got through the pain and trauma of my back and hip operations without Audrey’s meditations. Her voice is so gentle and healing.’
Doreen Cadwell. SRN., Aromatherapist & Reflexologist.

‘Audrey is as highly reputable as she is inspired. Her healing meditations were incredibly supportive during my healing crisis with cancer.’
John Coote, Dental Surgeon.

‘Audrey’s work is wonderfully soothing and healing for me, having been challenged for many years by symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromylagia’.
Charles Needle, President, Nature Comforts, USA.