A Healing Journey to the Heart using the Heart of Nature !
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Relaxing Music by Mike Rowland

Side 1: The fountain of Light !

Indulge yourself and spend some time in deep relaxation. Take this journey through the body consciousness releasing tension and stress on every level. Become more aware of your spine and nervous system and allow your circulatory system to release a strong flow of relaxed energy to every part of you. Feel your heart relaxing very deeply, letting go of any heartache, releasing blocked emotions, dis-ease or disharmony. Explore the countryside, visit cascading waterfalls, drink the sparkling and revitalising energy from the fountain of light. Let your Guide help you to explore every way in which you can expand and experience deeper levels of wellbeing and upliftment.

Side 2: The Healing Meadow

Become aware that you are your body but you are not your body. Your body is in your consciousness and your consciousness is linking now with Mother Nature who is waiting to caress you, enfold and embrace you in her loving healing arms. Visit the Healing Meadow. Let the clean fresh air clear your mind, cleanse your lungs and energise every cell in your body. Welcome the warmth of the sun, become a free spirit. Relax and release your heart. Experience nature’s beauty and harmony.
Blend and harmonise with the greenness of the grass, the blueness of the sky, the gold of the sun. Let your body sway with the wind, move like a feather floating on air.
Explore the freedom, dance with sheer delight. The birds are singing in the trees, you are singing in your heart. Listen as they sing the healing song of nature, breathe in their melody. Walk among the pine trees, observe sparkling streams tumbling over rocks washed clean by the constant flow of energy. Become one with nature’s healing essence.