Become a Vessel of Universal Love and Peace
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Stunning atmospheric Music by Eddie Adamberry

Available on CD

Track 1: Linking with the Source of Reiki

Imagine for a moment that you are totally free and unrestricted to be yourself, to know yourself, to trust yourself. Imagine that you can travel wherever your heart takes you and that you can discover who, what and why you are. Imagine what it would be like to link with the source of Reiki. All you have to do is accept that you are an infinite, perfect, loving Being of Light, taking your Light out into the world, spreading its radiance and watching it dissolve the darkness. This is the theme. The journey takes you to a Temple of Shining Light where you will be greeted by a friendly Doorkeeper who will carry out a simple ritual before you pass through a great arched doorway into this great Shrine of Love, Perfect Truth and Wisdom. Here is the source of Reiki, where you will experience a beautiful and uplifting Angelic presence. Here you can become ‘One’ with yourself, your Guides and Teachers and become a powerful Receptor and Reflector of the Reiki Light.

Track 2: The Jewel of Perfect Wisdom

Through the creative and transformational properties of breath you can link you own breath to the ‘Breath of Life’, to the ‘Breath of Creation’ and you can breathe in all the Sacred Symbols of Reiki as they are telepathically transmitted into your consciousness. Reiki Love is relaxing and releasing you. Setting you free. Reiki Light is balancing and harmonising the whole of your body. Reiki Peace is balancing and releasing your mind. The Universal Light of Reiki is touching you at every level, connecting you more deeply to your own’ Sacred Space’ and ‘ Centre of Light’ . Like an Angel you can spread your wings, sense the power, feel the protection and absorb the light of Reiki, that is so loving and healing. Your ‘Light Body’ reflects the beautiful rays from which it is composed. You move through this web of light experiencing all the rainbow rays and shimmering gold, silver and pure white light.
Your journey takes you to a special island, across crystal waters, to the Gatehouse of this Sacred Shrine where you are welcomed by the Gatekeeper whose permission you must seek to visit the Shrine. You know you are in the presence of a Spiritual Master.
It is necessary to be spiritually attuned to the Divine radiation of Reiki Love and Wisdom before entering the Shrine and so a powerful attunement will take place. Once inside the Shrine you will be seated in front of the Great Alter wherein lies the Jewel of Perfect Wisdom.