Opening the Heart to Reiki!
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Stunning atmospheric Music composed by Eddie Adamberry.

Track 1: Soul Peace.

This powerful Reiki Healing Attunement begins with a telepathic transmission of the Universal Power of Unconditional Love, placing the Reiki Symbols into your consciousness for your ‘ Highest Good and Purpose’ at this time. From a Sanctuary in the foothills you will be guided by a Monk on to a path of transcendence taking you into the harmony and one-ness of Soul peace. Your pilgrimage up the mountain to visit the’ Cave of the Elders’ gives you much to ponder upon, and a sense of purpose, as you decide what it is you wish to leave behind. As you dissolve into the collective consciousness of Reiki Love you will experience the cleansing, purifying properties of the waterfall of light, flowing like liquid crystal into every cell of your body. The Soul is at the heart of your journey; you are giving your Heart to your Soul. From the Light of your Soul a Great Being emerges to bless and honour you with Reiki Light.. Reiki Love..Reiki Peace.. You move into the light of this experience.

Track 2: Reiki Love & Healing.

Visualising yourself lighting a candle is a symbolic invocation for you to ‘open’ yourself to receive the Universal Light of Reiki. As you dedicate this light to your ‘Soul purpose’ you gradually become attuned to the Sacred symbols of Reiki. As this Divine intelligence flows to wherever it is needed touching that place and leaving its light, a wonderful transformation is taking place inside you, right now.
As you follow the path of light you reach the ‘Silver City’ – a place of unusual architecture, with beautiful structures and stained glass windows. Within this City is a special park full of nature’s therapeutic energy, multi-coloured crystal fountains and an inner sanctum paved in purple and gold mosaic upon which the Reiki Symbols have been carved. Your Reiki Guides and Masters lead you to the Healing Sanctuary where you rest on a silver couch, looking up at the clear blue sky bathed in warmth from the sun, as a Reiki Master beams the universal power of unconditional love into your Heart and Soul.