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In-depth interview with Audrey Murr Copland on popular radio show It’s A Question of Balance broadcasting in California, USA, on KSCO AM 1080 and KOMY AM 1340.

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NFSH Healing Trust Spiritus Magazine

THREE STRONG WOMEN – November 2020

Women have always actively shaped The Healing Trust and yet have not always been fully recognised in our story. Today we restore the balance a little by focusing on three highly influential Fellows of the Charity.

Audrey has been associated with our charity for over 40 years. Perhaps her greatest contribution is that she was the first to recognise the need for robust training to help our members safeguard their own energy levels while helping others.

Audrey began as an admin assistant at the NFSH in the 1970s. At the time, healer burnout was common and yet largely unrecognised. “Sitting at my desk at Central Office I was beginning to have some serious doubts as to whether or not it was actually healthy for a person to be giving healing to sick people when, it seemed, so many of our own healer members appeared to be quite unhealthy themselves,” she recalls. Audrey went on to have a pivotal role in organising the training, together with Lilla Bek, a renowned author, spiritual teacher and energy researcher.

Since that time, Audrey has been instrumental in raising public awareness of healing through official roles within the charity and also through her own work running energy healing workshops worldwide. She has appeared as a keynote speaker at major exhibitions in London and the USA Audrey is a reiki master and was ordained as a reverend by the Alliance of Divine Love, Healing and Counselling Ministry, USA. Audrey lives in Glastonbury and volunteers at Chalice Well.

Recently she published her autobiography ‘Challenging Boundaries: For the Love of Healing’. In it, Audrey says “Essentially we are all healers with wounds to heal. Inner healing is multi-dimensional and can only occur through deep relaxation and an alteration in consciousness. Practising meditation is like phoning home and keeping you in touch with the essence of who, what and why you are.”