Harmonise and Balance the Aura and Chakras
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Invigorating Music by Eddie Adamberry

Track 1: A talk on the seven levels of meditation.

During meditation you endeavour to raise your consciousness to a higher level of thought or universal intelligence. You are offering your physical energy for transformation and opening yourself to a more expanded state of consciousness.
Supporting the physical body is an energy body, now scientifically proven, and which has been photographed by Kirlian photography. This Etheric body is a direct counterpart of the physical body within which there are seven major energy centres whose vibration corresponds to the colours of the rainbow and reflects itself through your Aura. Each one of these energy centres, or chakras, is explained. The Aura, which is constantly changing by the way we think, feel and act, benefits enormously during meditation because something very beautiful happens to it as it expands into the Light which dissolves and releases the negative particles. This talk contains a wealth of insight and understanding and explains how you can become an effective channel for healing yourself and others. All of the basic principles of Breathwork, Relaxation, Visualisation, Grounding and Protecting yourself are covered. It also contains the powerful ‘Essene Breath’ which balances, harmonises, cleanses and purifies the energy body.

Track 2: The Healing Journey.

This meditation is a gift from your Lower Self to your Higher Self. You will become very aware of the Cosmic Rainbow of Light as you sense your own Aura gently expanding, all around you, into different frequencies of colour and healing. You will be able to cleanse, purify, relax and release at every level of your being- ness. You will be able to breathe in the Cosmic Heart of Creation as your physical heart begins to experience the essence of unconditional love and healing. Step by step you are being prepared to act as a beautiful channel for healing as you ‘open’ up as a Light receptor and reflector.