A Colourful, Self-Healing Experience !
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Relaxing Music by Mike Rowland

Track One: The Rainbow of Light

The power of visualising the natural, uplifting and therapeutic energy of nature is creatively explored in a deeply relaxing and empowering form of self-healing. Nature is at the heart of healing. Healing cannot take place unless you can open your heart. Utilising the properties of breath, colour and visualisation you will begin to unveil your own inner healing light. Gently, you will discover the rainbow of light around you, imagining you can run these colours through your fingers like soft, silk ribbons, awakening your inner healer as you are empowered by all the colours of the spectrum. You breathe in the light and direct this loving energy into every cell, every muscle, every organ in your body. You will tell yourself that you ‘ love yourself ‘ and radiate this light into your heart and mind.

Track Two: Sunrise…Sunset…

As the early morning sun rises over distant hills you begin a journey of transformation that will leave you uplifted, refreshed and full of well being. You will walk in a beautiful garden, bathe in a natural healing pool, walk down grassy slopes to a wooden landing stage where a Guide awaits you in a small boat. As you glide safely and silently upstream you have time to reflect upon how this journey will transform you in a very special way. Alighting from the boat onto soft, golden sand you can hear the laughter of hildren playing. You feel like a child, happy and carefree. Some steep steps cut into the cliff side take you up to a small, stone chapel with round stained glass windows. As you enter this peaceful place a shaft of light bursts through the stained glass windows creating beautiful patterns on a plain flagstone floor. You light and dedicate a candle from the candles burning brightly near a small alter. You soak up the atmosphere of inner peace and tranquillity before returning back to where you started just as the sun sets in the starlit sky.