Healing Book

Renowned international healer and teacher Audrey Murr Copland provides you both the inspiration and practical means to begin a journey into healing – of yourself and potentially others.

Challenging Boundaries: For the Love of Healing chronicles Audrey Murr Copland’s personal and at times painful odyssey from a difficult upbringing as an Army child during and after World War II to becoming one of the most experienced and respected international healers and teachers in Britain. An honest and engaging memoir is combined with a detailed guide on how to become a healer.

What is healing? Are people born healers or is healing something you can study? How do you know if you have what it takes? Can you learn to self-heal and heal others? Does healing really work and if so, how? Audrey Murr Copland shares the unique and enlightening journey that led to her discovering the answers to these questions through her gradual awakening and subsequent development as a healing channel and intuitive sensitive with exceptional abilities to heal people and animals, and a gift for teaching.

She also shares her extensive knowledge of the practice of healing, covering such topics as:

  • spiritual development,
  • the chakra system,
  • the art of attunement,
  • using meditation as a channel for healing,
  • conducting a spiritual healing session, and much more!

If you are interested in discovering your ability to heal, both yourself and others, Challenging Boundaries: For the Love of Healing offers the encouragement and information you need to begin your own healing journey to reveal your full potential, heal your life, and learn how to heal others.

Challenging Boundaries: For the Love of Healing is about healing on all levels – emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual. It’s about what is possible and why many of us find ourselves in a situation of needing to do this healing work.

In the memoir section of Challenging Boundaries: For the Love of Healing Audrey Murr Copland shares with the reader the courage it took for her to be honest and frank about her ‘wounds’ and not sweep them under the carpet or be in denial. She does so in the hope that her personal story will illuminate how trauma and difficulties can pass through generations if we don’t give attention to heal the wounds we have inherited. What she aims to share in the book is the possibility of consciously working to heal childhood and other wounds to result in greater personal happiness and also healthier relationships with others.

From the time of her birth in the Royal Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, London, through a challenging childhood, heartbreak, personal hardship, and disappointment Audrey Murr Copland’s journey is one of self-discovery, of recognising and confronting childhood ‘wounds’, and of gradually gaining an understanding of the basic need for all healers to start the daunting and often painful steps to self-heal. It is a journey that leads her to the point where inexplicable psychic experiences and a series of ‘coincidental’ meetings result in her taking a job with a healing organisation which is to become the largest and most respected healing organisation in the world. It is a journey of service as a healer and educator which, for two decades, takes her around the world training healers and sharing her extensive knowledge and inherent wisdom.

In the healing guide section of the book, Audrey Murr Copland explains what healing is, how it works, and the means by which you can learn to become a healer. It is a wonderful resource for everyone wishing to discover their own ability to heal themselves and others.