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Reviews from Amazon readers:

Reviews from Amazon readers:

5.0 out of 5 stars

This wonderful book will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and blessed
Reviewed in the United Kingdom, 2020

Audrey’s colourful life story will make you laugh, cry, think and wonder but above all, it will inspire; it will inspire you to realise that, however bleak this life can be at times, everyone carries the eternal light and love of God and, with the correct teaching, can become a channel for healing energy. In the second part of the book, Audrey gives clear and practical advice on how to develop your healing potential, to self-heal and channel healing to others. This is not a self-help book, to flick through and then forget all about; you will not be able to put this one down and Audrey’s honest account of her turbulent life will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and blessed.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Inspiring and illuminating, will encourage you on a healing journey
Reviewed in the USA, 2020

The interesting format of combining a memoir with practical information on how to actually heal is unusual and valuable. Audrey is one of the top healers in the UK in the last 50 years and is highly respected and loved. To read about how she went through challenges beginning in World War II to the point where she began her healing journey and then went on to making healing her life is fascinating and inspiring. She is showing we all have troubles and challenges but we can heal, and also learn how to heal others. If you are not sure if you believe in healing, or even know what it is, this book will elucidate in a highly engaging way. As well as the experiences of Audrey’s life she also gives case studies of healing patients, which are moving as well as revealing. Audrey is also an entertaining writer so the book is a good read also. I really recommend this book if wish to know more about how to heal – yourself and others.

5.0 out of 5 stars

If You Are Interested in Serving Humanity, Healing or Developing Your Spirituality – Read This Book!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom, 2020

In this book, Audrey-Murr Copland recounts her painful and difficult childhood but also her fascinating life of dedication to healing and working for the higher good of both individuals and humanity in general, travelling all around the world in the process. Audrey is never shy to describe the more difficult periods of her life, even in later years, believing, like I do that every experience is a lesson for the learning. Full of good advice and practical exercises to enable individuals to learn how to become a healer and how to selflessly serve humankind. Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Autobiography of a Spiritual Healer
Reviewed in the United Kingdom, 2020

Fascinating and well-written personal account, beginning with a childhood during the turbulent years of the second world war, and the subsequent search for a place to truly call home, and how this developed into a significant involvement with the healing community in the UK and abroad.


Subject: Your Book
Email received: July 2020

Dear Audrey,
Thank you very much, I enjoyed your book and have lent it to an interested friend.
A tremendous work, so human – it has helped me and I am grateful for this blessing.

Subject: Book Review
Email received: March 2021

Challenging Boundaries is a wonderful read, the font size and short chapters are easy on the eye and keep you captivated. It’s a real ‘what happens next’ book. I loved the ‘Rules for being Human’ and as I moved through the various Acts of Audrey’s life, it stirred memories in my life that I had long forgotten. We all have these deep seated memories and I felt the fact she was so honest about her life made me see mine more clearly, even if it was painful having them re-surface. It was interesting reading about the war through the eyes of a child and a fascinating chapter on when she met her inner child, an exercise we all should try at some stage. As much as the book covers healing and easing human troubles, it also covers death and the need to help souls pass gently into the next world. I found the second part of the book to be a great reference for anyone who loves healing as it was easy to understand, and covered all aspects of the subject in a clear and interesting manner with loads of tips. It was like taking a six weeks course and going home with all the paperwork under your arm. This book has been written from the heart and is for people interested in all aspects of healing but it is also for everyone who wonders what life is about and is curious about how much we as humans can achieve for both ourselves and everyone else while on this earth.

Review from the Autumn 2020 magazine of the world famous Chalice Well Trusts, Glastonbury, England:

– For the Love of Healing
By Audrey Murr Copland, www.audreymurrcopland.com, 2019

This is a hefty book of 445 pages but it is not a difficult read as it is enlivened by Audrey’s great gifts as an actress and storyteller and as a renowned teacher of Spiritual Healing as she was in the 1980s and 90s when she pioneered the NFSH healer training programmes in the UK and many countries around the world.
For the last decade Audrey has spent her life in ‘beautiful, mystical, ancient Glastonbury on the legendary Isle of Avalon in Somerset’ in a retirement complex close to the Town Centre and has become a familiar figure in spiritual groups involved in supporting and leading many meditation and healing circles in and around Avalon.
She has also been a dedicated weekly volunteer for many years in the Gatehouse at Chalice Well right up to the Coronavirus outbreak enjoying ‘meeting and greeting visitors from across the world’
Here then is a remarkably frank and honest ‘memoir plus’ of an army child from Hounslow and painfully abandoned evacuee in the Blitz, overcoming divorce and miscarriages and pain to give birth to her beloved daughter Ruth.
Then in mid- life, aged 41, inexplicable events in her house in Wraysbury lead to the sudden realisation that the late Uncle Bert is sending her messages from ‘the other side’ and opening the door for the revelation via Spiritualist Healing training that she has healing gifts alongside her secretarial skills when husband businessman Don Copland is asked to sort out the office of a little known healing organisation – The NFSH or National Federation of Spiritual Healers in London.
Suddenly in mid life in 1976 Audrey begins to field phone calls from people seeking healing through the NFSH and becomes in time a pioneering new age healer and trainer who with her husband, the late Don Copland became the administrative and then training powerhouse behind the development of the first large scale training programme for healers in the UK and in many countries of the world.
In so doing she leads healing and training sessions with thousands of men and women in many countries and embraces the Alice Bailey teachings alongside new age luminaries such as Sir George Trevelyan and Frederic Lionel and befriends and studies at the feet of the the great psychic energy researcher Lilla Bek.
In this lively and entertaining memoir, Audrey shares with readers “the courage it took me to be honest and frank about my childhood ‘wounds’ and not sweep them under the carpet or be in denial in the hope that it will illuminate how trauma and difficulties can pass through generations if we don’t give attention to healing. By consciously working to heal these wounds we will experience greater personal happiness and also healthier relationships with others”
The second half of Audrey’s book (pps 352 to 445) is for those who want to study healing through a very concise ‘Journey to the Light’ in which Audrey guides readers through the foundations of healing in the development of unconditional love as we: ‘learn to attune and work through the Higher Self which resides in part of our higher consciousness and related Soul energy.”
Other chapters include Spiritual Development; Transforming Energy, The Etheric (Vital) body; The Chakra system and the Auric field; How to Strengthen, Psychically protect and Purify the Aura; The Art of Attunement; Creative Visualisation; Meditation – a Channel for Healing ( including the Lamplighter Prayer); The Healing Room Environment; Conducting a Spiritual Healing Session; The Laying on of Hands; Distant or Telepathic Healing ( includes The Great Invocation); Group Soul Consciousness; Suggested format for Spiritual Group Meetings; Some Questions and Answers; Resources.
Anthony Ward

This is an extract from Audrey’s book
‘Challenging Boundaries’ (pages 352 – 353)

Journey to the Light

There is a Power that will lighten your way to Health, Happiness, Peace and Success, if you will
but turn toward the Light’ – Paramhansa Yogananda

It is my belief that all ‘spiritual’ growth and practice has to come from deep within oneself and that when we are considering new information we must ensure that we are aligning with our own inner personal inner truth.

Basically, what this means is that whatever kind of alternative and holistic therapy we are practising on ourselves or someone else, whether it be Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy etc., it should be beholden upon us, initially, to know how to attune to and work through the Higher Self which resides in part of our higher consciousness and relates to the Soul energy. We will then be channelling the additional ‘spiritual’ healing power of unconditional love. Defining the word ‘Spiritual’ in the dictionary it relates to ‘affecting the human spirit or soul level as opposed to the materialistic or physical level. Being responsible for the spiritual well being.’

Unconsciously we are learning to love and honour ourselves on a more ‘spiritual’ level. At such times it is not impossible for something quite remarkable to occur.

In my humble opinion there can be nothing more admirable or exciting than discovering your own innate ability to open a ‘spiritual’ channel for healing self, others and our Planet Mother Earth. Life is composed of highs and lows and we can all expect to experience our fair share of loss and disappointment as well as happiness in large or small doses, depending upon how spiritually asleep we are and what it might take to wake us up. I can personally testify that sometimes it is through the greatest emotional pain or trauma that something magical stirs deep inside of us and intuitively we find the courage, strength and support needed to survive and begin a self-healing journey to the light of understanding as to who-what-and-why we are.

My life took on a whole new concept after practising meditation when I was able to transcend the Lower Self (the body) and connect to my Higher Self (Spirit) with the profound realisation that ‘I am my body but I am not my body. My body is in my consciousness and my consciousness is infinite.’ Meditation is a journey to the Light which, for me, shed new light upon the reality of knowing my ‘True Self ’ or ‘Divine Self ’ which is sometimes referred to as ‘the light that we are’ or ‘the spirit within’ – that part of us that is eternal: The ‘I AM’, ‘Divine Self ’ or ‘Christ Consciousness’ which Jesus embodied and practised as total unconditional love for all humanity without exception.

I felt I had awakened from a long sleep or had been let out of a prison of my own making only to discover there was so much more to me than just my body. Relentlessly I pursued the study of all the other parts of me that functioned despite my ignorance or intervention.

I became inspired and encouraged by the words of Frederic Lionel, a Teacher of the Ancient Wisdom who stated: “Spiritual Healing is the Highest form of Wisdom.”