To promote Inner Peace and self-realisation !
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Relaxing Music by Mike Rowland

Side 1: Talk – ‘How to develop the creative mind’ plus exercise.

Do you feel happy and content ? Are you satisfied with your life? Are you
sometimes critical or negative about yourself ? Are you more aware of your
weaknesses than your strengths?

The inner eye always perceives what the outer eye cannot see. Through the development of visualisation one is enabling the inner vision to be activated and a mechanism to be set in motion for further linking to other spheres of perception. The creative mind has to be allowed to express itself fully and to draw upon energies otherwise unused. Full expression and expansion of the inner images and depths of creativity need to be exercised as often as possible and all one’s inner potential should be explored in every way. Gradually by exercising this creative energy you will form an easy pathway to your own higher levels of perception and awareness.

Side 2: A deep healing journey into the ‘Garden’ of your mind.

Lying deeply within the levels of your creative mind is a centre of true awareness, a centre of true peace and love. Within this ‘garden’ of your mind you can allow yourself to unfold from the centre of your being and to grow and expand into the light.
You can delve more deeply, raise your consciousness and become inspired with intuition and enlightenment. Spirals of energy will take you to the highest point in your consciousness where your mind can flower, where your creativity can flourish. As you explore this garden you can smell the perfume, observe the beauty, become part of the growth and become aware of the perfection and beauty of the creative mind. Seated on a white seat you observe everything around you in this garden, particularly aware of one place that is overgrown, full of weeds. From the far end of the garden you are joined by a kindly ‘Gardener’ , you acknowledge one another, and an outstretched hand and some tools are handed to you. Tools to tend the garden, to help restore it to its full beauty and glory. Using these tools you dig deep into the soil until the bed is clear, the centre revealed and where you find a perfect purple bloom.