To Invoke the Divinity and Grace of the Angelic Presence
Spoken by Audrey Murr Copland
Beautiful ‘ Angel ‘ Music by Cynthia Rose Young

Side 1: Sacred Space

As Angel energy manifests itself everywhere you will become more familiar with several of the Arch Angels, the ‘Shining Ones’ or ‘Creations of Light’ who allow their presence to be felt by you. Each time you practise this meditation it will be a different experience for you as you touch different levels and tap into the Angel Power within you at that particular level. You will use your inner vision to ‘see’ more clearly .. to sense more deeply.. this mystical force which awakens the gifts of the spirit within you. Selecting different colour rays will take you into the Angels of the Rainbow wherein this sacred space you will be more intuitive, reflective and open to inner guidance as this Angel power and celestial energy, invokes the angelic force within you.

Side 2: Divine Love

As you connect your energy to the Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father you are seeking new insight and understanding in order to manifest and release a creative force filled with the Divinity within you. You seek to become cloaked in light, soaked in Divine Love, centred within the perfection and beauty that all this inspires. As you open your heart and mind to the miracle that is taking place within you, right now, you will forgive what you need to forgive, you will bless and honour your own gifts and prepare to meet the Angels of Divine Love. You will feel safe, protected, secure, as you are joined by a great Sisterhood and Brotherhood. You will feel reborn, renewed and empowered by the Angelic Guides and Angel Power.