About Audrey

Audrey at The Lion’s Head, Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England

Audrey Murr Copland is one of the most experienced, respected, and gifted international healers and teachers in Britain. She has been instrumental in moving healing from the peripheries of public awareness to mainstream acceptance through her work with the charity The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (now The Healing Trust) and via her personal workshops with people around the world.

She specialises in teaching self-healing and energy renewal through creative visualisation. Her widely acclaimed audio healing meditation series provides self-healing support utilising the healing energy of her voice. She has talked about healing on radio and television and been a keynote speaker at major UK and US conferences and expos.

Audrey is a Fellow and Healer Member of The Healing Trust, a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, and an ordained Reverend of Alliance of Divine Love, Healing and Counselling Ministry, USA. She is the author of Challenging Boundaries: For The Love of Healing. She has one daughter and two grandsons, and lives in mystical Glastonbury, England.

Audrey at the Chalice Well Peace and Healing Gardens, where she volunteers.

Audrey Murr Copland is a Fellow of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), an honour she received in recognition of her unique and considerable service to the organisation. For twelve years Audrey was National Secretary managing the central office, and subsequently also served as Vice President.

She was a Founding Member of the pioneering executive team which developed the first-ever professional healer development and training programme, launched in 1983. The programme established a professional standard for healers requiring two years of probationary training with oversight of practical experience as well as a study syllabus. A strong NFSH Code of Conduct was also established, which was submitted to and approved by all the Royal Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Obstetrics and Veterinary Medicine.

Audrey Murr Copland was an NFSH National Tutor for the training programme for 25 years teaching throughout Britain, as well as presenting healer training workshops across Europe and North America, including in Alaska and Newfoundland, and in Israel.

View of Glastonbury Tor across the Abbot’s Pond in Glastonbury Abbey grounds.

She helped set up permanent healer training in organisations in Madrid, North Carolina and Toronto. In addition Audrey implemented the NFSH’s first official Distant Healing Service, which now supports many thousands of people worldwide.

Audrey’s work managing NFSH central office put her in constant contact with thousands of people by phone, letter and in person, supporting the sick and dying, all of whom were looking for a lifeline from the NFSH’s national referral service, the only one of its kind in Britain. Over her long career Audrey has worked with people suffering from AIDS, HIV, cancer and many other life-threatening conditions. She has initiated and led many healing and meditation groups, and also taught Spiritual Reiki at Adult Education colleges.

Audrey Murr Copland was fortunate to develop her skills alongside mentors such as Sir George Trevelyan, Frederic Lionel, Lilla Bek and Dr Brugh Joy. Throughout her career she has sought to grow and develop her skills through experience and deep study.

Consequently, her work is thoroughly grounded in the teachings of the great masters and is also practically tried and tested via the hundreds of individual healing consultations she has given and through her work with groups at many conferences and courses.She first became aware of the healing power of her voice when she was presenting spiritual development groups where participants were entranced by the energy conveyed as she spoke. Students eagerly suggested that she should record her voice and she then developed her creative visualisation audio series which was an instant success.

Audrey has been married twice and is divorced. She has one daughter, Ruth, and two grandsons, Tamas and Evan, all of whom live in California. Audrey lives in mystical Glastonbury in England where amongst her many activities she finds time to work as a volunteer at the world-famous Chalice Well Peace and Healing Gardens, founded by Wellesley Tudor Pole nearly fifty years ago. Audrey says “Essentially we are all Healers with wounds to heal. Inner healing is multi-dimensional and can only occur through deep relaxation and an alteration in consciousness. Practising meditation is like phoning home and keeping you in touch with the essence of who, what and why you are”.