It is usually to nature that we physically turn when planning a vacation or need some ‘time out’ for ourselves perhaps heading for the open countryside full of lush green pastures, avenues of trees, rolling distant hills, above which the golden sun shines down from a clear blue sky; or, perhaps walking on a sandy, white beach scattered with sea shells, seaweed, drift wood and tuning in to the power and strength of the ocean tides flowing in and out. Whatever seems to take your fancy the choices are endless. Who hasn’t been deeply touched on one level or another simply by the wonder of watching a sunset or the sunrise? 

The beauty of nature is that it is free. We don’t have to save up to travel anywhere or plan specific time to get away to relax and recharge our batteries so to speak. We can quite simply spend ten to fifteen minutes each day to enter the garden of our creative mind and visualise everything or anything we need in nature to deeply relax both mind and body. 

Keep your visualisation simple. You might want to remember a favourite walk, tree, flower or garden. Simply connect to the creative power of nature and your imagination. Find a quiet place and commence the exercise by breathing in and out slowly and letting go on the out breath.

On completion give your hands a good rub and have a really good stretch. With regular practise you will find you are able to work therapeutically with nature and be able create a mini vacation for yourself.